Financial Systems

Growing businesses often do not have a clear picture of cash flow or finances, especially when revenue is ramping up quickly. Balance sheets and income statements only show a limited view of the financial picture, which can create a frustrating situation when no one can figure out where the money is going.

Sales Forecasting And Budgeting

Small businesses usually have a rough idea of how many deals are in the pipeline and when payments are coming in, but every business reaches a point in its growth where cash flow becomes difficult to predict. Every management team needs to be able to see an accurate view of cash flow on the horizon.

  • Budget and monitor overhead and project costs
  • Prevent excessive or inappropriate use of company funds
  • Identify “money leaks” that drain a company’s resources

Profitability And Pricing

A P&L statement does not automatically provide a view of which customers, products, service offerings, and team members are contributing the most profit to a company’s bottom line.

  • Measure each team member’s performance KPIs
  • Determine which opportunities are the best match for your company’s capability
  • Price your offerings competitively and profitably

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