Solutions for Small Businesses

Small businesses usually begin to feel like a “real business” between 2-5 years into their life cycles. This time period is both exciting and stressful, because the new growth also comes with new and unfamiliar challenges. This period is a crucial time for every growing business, and I love helping small business owners navigate these challenges.

Manage Your Money

How often do you look at your Balance Sheet, P&L statement, and other financial reports? How do you gauge the health of your business? What numbers do you look at before you decide when to hire the next employee or purchase equipment? My goal is to give you a clear understanding of your business financials and what they really signify.

  • Monthly/quarterly audits of your books
  • 90-day rolling cash flow forecasts
  • Expense monitoring & cash controls
  • Financial analysis

Streamline Your Sales

A common scenario: the business owner is the best (or only) salesperson in the company. If you are in “firefighting mode” and not able to focus on sales to the degree that you want, there are a number of ways to remedy the issue and create a more consistent sales program.

  • Create collateral kits with standard marketing verbiage
  • Automate your sales funnel with video and email marketing
  • Develop sales metrics to gauge progress toward your income goals

Engage Your Team

Getting the most productivity and profitability out of a working day is a constant challenge for businesses adding new staff and customers. I will work with you and your team in a couple of different areas:

  • Streamline your client and team training and onboarding processes with video and automation
  • Calculate your profit per client and profit per team member
  • Develop a performance bonus structure for each role on your team

Create Growth

Do you have a plan to “cash out” from your business when you retire? I will work with you to develop branded, proprietary processes for the delivery of your main product or service, that can be legally protected to put you in a strong position when it comes time to cash out.

  • Brand strategy & positioning
  • Develop your competitive advantage
  • Create a strategy to scale your business

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