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It happens all the time. You start a blog with the best of intentions, and you throw up a Facebook page. You invite all of your friends and business contacts to connect to it. You watch the numbers starting to grow. You pledge to blog every week and post on your social media pages twice a day.

Then, you’re just done.

Content burnout is the frustration that comes with putting your best stuff out there, only to wonder if anyone’s actually reading it or looking at it. Trying to motivate yourself to write, shoot videos or create any kind of content is especially hard when you go week after week hearing “crickets.”

I’ve personally found that if even one person reads and responds to a piece of content that I publish, I am more likely to stay motivated to publish something again. So, I eventually decided to implement a system to ensure that at least one person would read each piece of content that I created.

For awhile, I would send individual emails to one person at a time asking for feedback on my content. This was enough to get me motivated to continue. Eventually, after doing this for awhile, I found it was no longer necessary. Over time, I developed a kind of faith in the inevitable.

If you’re struggling to motivate yourself to produce content, try sending something you created to one person and be willing to accept their honest feedback. In Toastmasters, we always ask two questions about our speeches:

  1. What did you like?
  2. What can you suggest about how to improve it?

Ask those two questions each time, and you’ll get some great ideas about how to produce better content. You’ll also find yourself more motivated.