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Writer’s Block and How to Overcome It

The short answer to overcoming writer’s block is to just write. It may appear to be more complicated than that, but I can assure you that it’s not. See, the thing that you need to understand about writer’s block is that it relies on the writer’s self-deception in order to exist. Steven Pressfield, author of […]

How My Creative Muse Gets Me Out of Bed Early

The first time my creative muse ever got me out of bed early was late 2008. My friend had recently died in a car accident. The incident had awakened me to the urgency of life. It was during this phase that I began to demand to know the deeper meanings and significance behind the clockwork […]

Creativity vs. The Dark Side

Every day, I find myself struggling with temptation to go back to ¬†old ways of doing things. I find myself wanting to go pick up some fast food and some ice cream. I find myself wanting to spend every spare second laying around and sleeping. I find myself wanting to mindlessly surf the internet with […]