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How to Read Nonfiction

Problem #1: the million-word challenge already sucked up a huge chunk of my time. While my word output is already increasing after one short week in the challenge, I don’t have time to read any more books. Problem #2: I’ve found that nonfiction is often technically accurate, but boring. There’s nothing more frustrating than a […]

What I Like about E-Readers

I’ve been reading on a Kindle for awhile now. I haven’t tried the Nook. I’m not particularly brand-loyal; I just like to make as few purchases as possible. I don’t like putting electronics in the landfills, so I’ve learned to curb my urge to upgrade my tech. For example, I still have my old digital […]

“I Know a Blog Post You Should Read”

Most of us still recommend books. There’s nothing wrong with recommending books, but what about recommending blog posts? A blog post takes five minutes to digest, if that. Recommending a book as the solution to a problem is the shotgun approach. It will probably work, but in many cases, it may not be necessary. For […]

Cliff’s Notes, Book Summaries, and the Way We Read

I remember my high school days, when reading the Cliff’s Notes was considered “cheating.” I’ve come to adopt a different view of cheating since reading Timothy Ferriss’s Four-Hour Workweek. Ferriss recalls a story of how he used hydration techniques to get himself placed into a smaller weight class in Chinese kickboxing tournaments, making it easy […]