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The Hidden Truth about Brainstorming

As an overly creative person, I have wasted a lot of time brainstorming ideas that I never did a thing with. I have devoted the past several years to the development of my creativity, and along the way, I’ve learned that there are some simple things that can make all the difference between an idea […]

“I’m Out of Ideas”

That’s a good sign. Contrary to popular belief, the goal of brainstorming is not to come up with ideas. It’s to empty your mind of the usual ideas. A lot of people think they aren’t creative.  Lack of creativity isn’t the problem. We’re all precisely as creative as we need to be in order to […]

How to Know When You’ve Got a Great Idea

You know you’ve got a great idea when it meets with resistance, or at least indifference. When you present something to average people, and they fail to respond with any degree of enthusiasm, you should be encouraged. Most people don’t appreciate great ideas. Great ideas look like bad ideas to the masses – until they’re […]

Throw Ideas Away

Recently, I took inventory of the books I’ve started and not finished. I discovered that I had started a total of 28 books, containing over 300,000 words of content. All of these half-written books are sitting on my hard drive. That doesn’t include any of my articles, my short stories, my old college projects, or the […]