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The Hidden Truth about Brainstorming

As an overly creative person, I have wasted a lot of time brainstorming ideas that I never did a thing with. I have devoted the past several years to the development of my creativity, and along the way, I’ve learned that there are some simple things that can make all the difference between an idea […]

Using Brainstorming to Deal with Stress

I used to have a lot of trouble getting stressed out. The emotional experience of overwhelm used to be all-consuming and would ruin my whole day. While I can’t yet claim to have completely mastered this problem, I’ve learned a couple of things about how to shift myself into a more useful state of mind. […]

Creative Steam (and Not Running Out of It)

If you’ve ever read Seth Godin’s The Dip, you already know that forcing yourself to keep doing something will not suffice when it comes to maintaining positive habits. Keeping up a practice, whether it’s training for a marathon, writing, painting, or showering, requires two things: a sufficiently significant reason to continue the exercise, and sufficient […]

Throw Ideas Away

Recently, I took inventory of the books I’ve started and not finished. I discovered that I had started a total of 28 books, containing over 300,000 words of content. All of these half-written books are sitting on my hard drive. That doesn’t include any of my articles, my short stories, my old college projects, or the […]

Creativity vs. The Dark Side

Every day, I find myself struggling with temptation to go back to  old ways of doing things. I find myself wanting to go pick up some fast food and some ice cream. I find myself wanting to spend every spare second laying around and sleeping. I find myself wanting to mindlessly surf the internet with […]