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Don’t Shout It from the Rooftops

Why is it that we seem to have just accepted the idea that, if you want to succeed at something, you need to tell everyone about it? Starting a new business? Tell everyone about it! Looking for a job? Tell everyone what you’re looking for! Writing a book? Tell everyone about it! Have any kind […]

Is E-Mail Dead Yet?

I wrote an article called “The Death of E-mail” back in 2008. I’m actually surprised that e-mail hasn’t completely fallen by the wayside yet. I thought that surely, by now, e-mail would be completely replaced by  more effective forms of communication. I have set up my Gmail account with a battery of filters designed to […]

It’s All Greek

No two people ever speak the same language. It’s been said that to a carpenter, every problem looks like a nail. I would take this analogy further. Anyone who’s spent any time working as a carpenter will start speaking the language of hammers and nails. That is a foreign language to anyone who’s never been […]