Business Solutions

I implement management systems for growth-oriented businesses to overcome the typical growing pains experienced after a few years in business. Here are a few of the most common problems I solve:

  • Quality/workmanship issues or late delivery
  • Lost sales due to slow or inconsistent follow-up
  • Inability to account for how employee time is spent
  • Inability to accurately track the status of projects
  • Freeing up time of key personnel

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Entrepreneurs and Salespeople

If you’ve recently started your own business, or are planning to start your own business, I can help you make the best use of your resources and focus your time and budget where it is most needed. Here are a few common challenges that I solve for entrepreneurs and startup businesses:

  • Identifying the most critical daily activities
  • Creating a tactical networking plan to drive revenue by word of mouth
  • Utilizing technology and automation to maximize use of time
  • Creating strategies to develop sources of business referrals

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