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Integrating the Spirit of Christmas as a Year-Round Discipline

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with traditions. Sometimes, I have looked forward to them. Other times, I have dreaded them and look forward to getting them over with. I have long since decided to stop looking for meanings in things (e.g. the meaning of Christmas) and instead look for new and helpful ways to […]

Are You a Compulsive Schmoozer?

Sometimes, networking is a highly useful business tactic. It opens doors and creates opportunities. Other times, networking is like crack cocaine. It feels good for the moment, but it’s bad for your health. Can you tell the difference? As a recovering compulsive networker myself, I’ve learned to curb the instinctual pull to attend groups and events when I […]

My New Year’s Decision to Give Up Meat

I’ve never been a big fan of traditional “New Year’s resolutions,” mainly because they don’t seem to work. Personally, I’ve been guilty in the past of making big bold promises and failing to deliver on them. Case in point: in 2007, I decided to quit my job and start my own business. I got caught […]

Let’s Not Have Coffee

I’ve belonged to and visited a number of other business networking groups since 2007. I’ve learned a lot about how to waste time on fruitless business networking activity. One of the worst offenders is poorly executed one-on-one’s. A “one-on-one” is a meeting with another person for the purpose of deepening the relationship. One-on-one’s are important. One-on-one’s […]

A Day in the Life of the Pizza Man

Each day I don my red shirt and hit the streets. I’m a cape without a hero. The worst thing that can happen is a flat tire Or I might forget a two-liter soda. Sure, I could get robbed or die Just like everyone else. The sign atop my car gives me super powers I can […]

Resistance is Futile: Self-Service Kiosks are the Future

I am delighted that the world is inventing more and more shopping experiences that cater to the quirks of introverts like me. I’ve heard some complaints that these kiosks are impersonal and dehumanize the experience of buying food. My response: that’s the point! If there’s any criticism that I have, it’s that they don’t de-personalize […]

The “Stop Doing” List and Spaced Repetition

Lately, my pizza delivery job has given me a lot of “windshield time.” I’ve recently decided to start making a more disciplined habit of listening to audio books instead of listening to the noise in my head. Last week, I finished listening to Good to Great by Jim Collins (see my review on Alice Osborn’s […]

Guest Post: How to Find the Hero Within You: Get Out of Your Own Way!

  Today we welcome back guest blogger Alice Osborn! Alice recently released her new poetry collection, Heroes without Capes — and the book launch is happening this Sunday from 5:00 to 6:30! (See details at the bottom of this post). Meet Alice and pick up a copy of her new book. I remember meeting Alice for […]

26 Things That Make Me Snirk

A “snirk,” according to Urban Dictionary, is “a cross between a snort and a smirk, used to show dry amusement.” (Many of these things are purely annoying until one talks or blogs about them, at which point they become mildly amusing.)         Doorknobs not screwed on all the way. Arrogant people with […]

Guest Interview: Christina Streett

Today’s post is an interview with Christina Streett. I met Christina through my good friend Sheila (they’re sisters). I decided to feature Christina’s story on my blog because I’ve always taken an interest in people who successfully produce transformative accomplishments. Christina lost over 100 pounds in a 2-year period. As some of you know, I myself […]