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My First Sales Job—14 Years Later

It’s been 14 long, hot summers since I first cut my teeth in my first “real” sales job (unless count my days as a nine-year-old kid pushing a wagon down the street peddling overpriced crap to my neighbors while I still had a couple years of cuteness to exploit for commercial purposes). I was a […]

Adventures in #Podcasting

Over the last month, I’ve been steadily working to build up a personal marketing funnel and an audience. In 2007, I realized a core passion of mine: creating tools and resources to make it faster and easier to introverts to successfully build their own businesses. I have also been studying and experimenting with a variety […]

The 2016 #NashvilleVegfest

The past few days, I’ve been on the road with my good friend and housemate Helene Greenberg. She organizes the Triangle Vegfest, an annual festival and monthly market designed to promote vendors of plant-based products and services. She often travels to other Vegfest events in different areas of the country. This time, I went along on the trip. […]