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A Day in the Life of the Pizza Man

Each day I don my red shirt and hit the streets. I’m a cape without a hero. The worst thing that can happen is a flat tire Or I might forget a two-liter soda. Sure, I could get robbed or die Just like everyone else. The sign atop my car gives me super powers I can […]

Guest Post: How to Set Better Boundaries

Today we welcome back guest blogger Alice Osborn, author of Heroes Without Capes! Alice is a fellow writer and freelancer. This article’s topic is critical for anyone in a service-related business, especially if you are in business full-time and rely on a steady source of clients to put food on the table. It is not […]

Resistance is Futile: Self-Service Kiosks are the Future

I am delighted that the world is inventing more and more shopping experiences that cater to the quirks of introverts like me. I’ve heard some complaints that these kiosks are impersonal and dehumanize the experience of buying food. My response: that’s the point! If there’s any criticism that I have, it’s that they don’t de-personalize […]