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“What Should I Write a Press Release About?”

From time to time, clients will say something along the lines of, “I read the other day that I should be doing press releases for my business regularly. What should I write a press release about?” It’s not quite that simple. Here’s the long and short of it: press releases are great if your company […]

The Death of Brute-Force Marketing

Shark Tank is one of my favorite TV shows. In fact, one of my bucket list items is to go on Shark Tank. However, the show has the worst product-placement advertising I’ve ever seen. Someone put together a video montage of painful moments on the show when the producers shoehorned a mention of T-Mobile phones […]

TedX Hickory—The Future of Marriage

This past Saturday (May 10, 2014), I had the honor of seeing my good friend Liza Shaw give a talk at TedX Hickory. TedX is the local flavor of Ted Talks. TedX creates opportunities for people to share new and innovative ideas with a forward-thinking audience. This was my first time attending a TedX talk. […]

Forgiveness and Writing Motivation

Recently, I saw a news story about a woman who forgave the man who murdered her son. In fact, she visited him in prison and invited him to move into the apartment next door to her. There are many stories like this one—but they usually don’t make news headlines. Being forgiving has never been one […]

Even the Best Writers Deal with Self-Doubt

Anyone who knows me well, knows that one of my all-time favorite books on the subject of writing is The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I recommend this book often and anyone in any field can get something out of it. I remember the day when someone recommended it to me. I asked what […]