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Petty Theft: Lessons I Learned From Shoplifting Cigarettes

The other week at my Toastmasters meeting, one of our members gave a speech and shared some of those stories that you don’t want to tell your kids. (Fortunately, I don’t have any kids.) Anyhow, one of the stories in the speech took me on a trip down memory lane. The speaker shared about what […]

Writing, Democracy, and Political Strategy

In case you haven’t noticed, the world is at war. We have been for centuries. The battlefield keeps changing, but one thing remains the same. People are still determined to gain political advantages at any cost. I was born in the United States, and we pride ourselves on freedom of speech and freedom of the […]

Why the Religious Content Has Been Removed from My Blog

I’m sorry to disappoint those of you who were enjoying my rather controversial posts, and I know there were at least a handful of you based on your feedback. However, I have decided that posting on the topic of religion is not a good strategic move at this time. I have discovered that my postings […]

Writer’s Block and How to Overcome It

The short answer to overcoming writer’s block is to just write. It may appear to be more complicated than that, but I can assure you that it’s not. See, the thing that you need to understand about writer’s block is that it relies on the writer’s self-deception in order to exist. Steven Pressfield, author of […]