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Quiet Determination

Much happens underground before a tree’s limbs touch the sky. I have been writing steadily since 2007. In similar fashion, most of my writing to date has never been read. I have started 36 books. I have only finished two of them. In total, I have produced 462,156 words (not counting my blog, and not […]

Don’t Talk to Me: Creating a Buying Experience for Introverts

Years back, I stopped going to the Big & Tall store in Whitehall, PA (near the area where I grew up). Why? Every single time I shopped there, I got dive-bombed by salespeople the second I walked in the door. They always wanted to know if they could help. I always said no, and they […]

Blogging Ahead is a Cop-Out

(I’m writing this post one day ahead.) I previously extolled the value of blogging ahead. I talked about how great it was to relieve the pressure of having to write for a deadline. What a crock that was. I sat down on a couple of afternoons and blogged away. I wrote enough blog entries to […]

Declaring Independence from the Status Quo

I’ve recently made a personal practice of re-reading the Declaration of Independence every year on the 4th of July. What it reminds me, every time: the Founding Fathers weren’t hoping for a kinder and gentler king to make things better. They decided that the foundation was broken and needed to be rebuilt. Fast-forward to 2012. […]

Writing to Change Ways of Thinking

I have had to remind myself, time and time again, that writing is about the process of writing, more so than it’s about the finished product. Less than 1% of my writing has ever seen the light of day. I’m not saying it never will, but I do say that the process of writing has […]