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Journaling for Future Publication

You don’t have to publish everything you write. One of my most common sources of writer’s block stems from worrying about how other people are going to perceive my writings. I don’t fall into this trap as often as I used to, mainly because I have learned to quickly recognize it. However, I am not […]

Creative Steam (and Not Running Out of It)

If you’ve ever read Seth Godin’s The Dip, you already know that forcing yourself to keep doing something will not suffice when it comes to maintaining positive habits. Keeping up a practice, whether it’s training for a marathon, writing, painting, or showering, requires two things: a sufficiently significant reason to continue the exercise, and sufficient […]

How to Read Nonfiction

Problem #1: the million-word challenge already sucked up a huge chunk of my time. While my word output is already increasing after one short week in the challenge, I don’t have time to read any more books. Problem #2: I’ve found that nonfiction is often technically accurate, but boring. There’s nothing more frustrating than a […]

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure I’ve spoken with a number of first-time authors, some of whom were just starting to write their first books, and others who were writing shorter pieces. There’s a curious phenomenon I’ve observed to be surprisingly common. People want to hide their best stories. I can remember a number of casual conversations with aspiring […]

“I’m Out of Ideas”

That’s a good sign. Contrary to popular belief, the goal of brainstorming is not to come up with ideas. It’s to empty your mind of the usual ideas. A lot of people think they aren’t creative.  Lack of creativity isn’t the problem. We’re all precisely as creative as we need to be in order to […]

The Million-Word Challenge

I made the decision this past weekend to throw my hat in the ring for a new challenge: to write one million words in the next year. This does not include the words in my e-mail messages, but it does include my blog posts as well as any words that I write in book or […]

What I Like about E-Readers

I’ve been reading on a Kindle for awhile now. I haven’t tried the Nook. I’m not particularly brand-loyal; I just like to make as few purchases as possible. I don’t like putting electronics in the landfills, so I’ve learned to curb my urge to upgrade my tech. For example, I still have my old digital […]

Is E-Mail Dead Yet?

I wrote an article called “The Death of E-mail” back in 2008. I’m actually surprised that e-mail hasn’t completely fallen by the wayside yet. I thought that surely, by now, e-mail would be completely replaced by  more effective forms of communication. I have set up my Gmail account with a battery of filters designed to […]

The Psychology of Blogging

When I first started blogging in 2007, my goal was to post something once a week. It sounded reasonable enough, and it wasn’t particularly hard to do. However, I didn’t plan ahead. If I blogged on Tuesday, I wouldn’t give the blog another thought until the following Tuesday when it was time to post again. […]