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Unsung Heroes

What is the real purpose of a memorial? Another way to think of this question: why do people choose to put their own lives in jeopardy for the sake of their country? I have never served in the military myself, and I don’t have any relatives who died in military service, so I can only […]

A World Without Ceremonial Politeness

Imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t have to worry about being “polite.” Imagine if it was considered inappropriate to shake hands or smile unless you were genuinely happy to see someone. Imagine if small talk was weird, and if saying “how about that weather we’ve been having” would draw confused expressions […]

How to Know When You’ve Got a Great Idea

You know you’ve got a great idea when it meets with resistance, or at least indifference. When you present something to average people, and they fail to respond with any degree of enthusiasm, you should be encouraged. Most people don’t appreciate great ideas. Great ideas look like bad ideas to the masses – until they’re […]

Is the Past a Thing of the Past?

I like to make a habit of stretching my thinking a bit at times. It’s helpful, for market research and other purposes, to know where the human race is headed—or to at least have a good working theory about where things are going. Given that the human attention span is getting shorter and shorter as […]

Day of Silence

What if, for one day a year, everyone agreed not to talk? What would it be like if you had to find a way to interact and communicate without speaking? We might choose to allow written communication, or we might even bar that for the day. We might choose to allow hand gestures, or not. […]

Morale vs. Mood

I think that a lot of people confuse morale with mood. Morale is defined as “confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline.” If you look at each of those words, you will find that morale is an complex thing indeed. I’ve heard people throw the word “morale” around in ways that seem to imply that morale is fickle […]

Privacy? There Never Was Any of That.

Seth Godin echoed my thoughts on this a couple of weeks ago. (Or maybe he thought of it first). No one ever had any privacy. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Foursquare, and the government didn’t take privacy away, nor did the invention of drones. Technology has only served to make it more painfully apparent how little privacy […]

Government Policy Should Be Based on Fiction

Fiction is a far better basis for government policy than logic. We’ve been trying to create policies based on logic for as long as I’ve been alive, and I suspect much longer. In other words, we attempt to reach a majority consensus on what is right and what is wrong – and then we create […]