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Complaining at Work Should Be a Firing Offense

Complaining at Work Should Be a Firing Offense I’m not joking here, nor am I using the least bit of hyperbole. Complaining utterly ruins companies. It rots organizations to the core. It drives top performers to leave, and it creates the kind of environment where everyone dreads coming to work. What would your workplace be […]

Get Your Accounting in Order

As is your accounting, so will be your writing. If you procrastinate your accounting tasks, that procrastination will lead to a lack of clarity in terms of which writing activities are productive and which ones are not. If you cook your books or employ questionable accounting practices, your writing will expose you as a hypocrite. […]

Blog Post Topics – The Rampage of Appreciation

I first got my hands on Ask and It Is Given back in 2007. This book contains 22 “processes” in the back, which basically amount to structured activities designed to lift your spirits. I’ve experimented with these processes both on my own and with groups of people, and I’ve found that they are pretty effective. […]

Raw Kale Chips

Sheila taught me how to make these in 2011, and I’m hooked. Raw kale chips are more filling than potato chips, nacho chips, or pretty much any other junk food snack. Plus, they’re healthy. These are simple to make if you have a dehydrator, but I’ve heard that some people make kale chips in the […]

Use Drugs Wisely (or Don’t Use Them at All)

Some amateur writers think that getting high is the best way to get inspired. If you think you need to pop pills, drink liquor, smoke pot, sniff powder, or stick needles in your arm in order to get into your creative groove, you’re dead wrong. Drugs, administered in the right doses, sometimes have the temporary […]

The Henry Ford Approach to Blogging

Henry Ford revolutionized the auto industry by breaking down the process of manufacturing automobiles. Until Ford came along, most people could not afford cars. As it stands today, most people think they don’t have time to write blogs. Cars would be a lot more expensive if each factory worker had to learn how to build […]

Forgiveness Contest

What if we held a national forgiveness contest? The object of the game would be to forgive the biggest transgression, or the most transgressions. Imagine the talk around something like this. “You forgave someone for rear-ending you? You’re a rookie. I forgave the guy that stabbed me in the lung!” The only question would be […]

What’s the Deal with Yahoo?

In case you haven’t heard, Yahoo! is suing Facebook. They are alleging that Facebook violated ten different patents. If I read the patterns correctly, this might be the fourth stage of the downward spiral that Jim Collins wrote about in How the Mighty Fall, which Collins dubs “Grasping for Salvation.” Randi Zuckerberg seems to agree based […]

BlendTec Almond Milk Recipe

 Almond milk. Sheila taught me how to make almond milk. It isn’t difficult, but it’s one of those things that never would have occurred to me. We primarily started doing this because it’s a lot cheaper than buying almond milk. The BlendTec makes smooth almond milk. You don’t feel or taste any grittiness, unlike what […]

Traveling and Time Off

Between 2004 and 2007, I travelled full-time for work. It wasn’t always fun, and it sometimes involved last-minute sprints to the airport to put out a fire in another city. But I generally liked it better than recreational travel. It seems that, at some point, we decided to take two concepts and mash them into […]