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Volunteer Your Expertise

I made a decision yesterday. From this point forward, I will be making myself available to volunteer my expertise regularly. Why am I doing this? Am I hoping that someone will refer me to people who will pay me to do the same kinds of things I volunteer to do? Not particularly. I will be […]

Forgo Comfort, but Make Sure You’re Comfortable

You are a piece of meat. You don’t matter. It’s your writing that matters ultimately. Your words will still ring in the ears of many, millennia after your meat sack has disintegrated. However, you must keep your meat sack in working order to ensure that it does not interfere with your ability to write. Shakespeare […]

Business Idea for the Banking Industry

Despite the risk of ending up on Google’s SEO-spam list for tagging my post with refinancing-related keyword terms, I just had to post this one. Thinking back a few years, I can remember two occasions when I refinanced loans. The first time, it was my car loan. The second time, I consolidated several student loans. […]

Music, Movies, and the Fall of the Data Duplication Empire

I’m happy that the reign of the media barons is coming to an end. Garbage like this anti-piracy ad makes my blood boil. The ad insinuates that downloading a film is the same as shoplifting a DVD from a video store. They neglect to mention that stealing a physical good incurs a direct financial cost […]

The Age of the Introvert

It’s finally here. I didn’t know this book existed until yesterday, but as soon as I discovered it, I immediately downloaded a copy of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. Those who knew me in 2007 probably still remember that I called myself “The Introverted Entrepreneur” […]

Learning to Play the Piano Has Improved My Writing Experience

Recently, I’ve been working on several new books. I have found that being a writer requires a healthy creative diet. Staying inspired is easier said than done. I can force myself to write even if I’m not inspired, but I don’t produce my best material on those days. I took piano lessons in junior high […]

The Beauty of Ripe Bananas

I bought these choice-looking bananas at Whole Foods. This, folks, is how bananas are supposed to look. Yellow, with plenty of brown spots. Not a hint of green anywhere on them. When you peel them, the skin doesn’t resist or cling. Now, here’s the thing. The guy at Whole Foods told me something appalling. He […]

Barnes and Noble: Are Their Glory Days Over? [RESPONSE]

Self-publishing expert Henry Hutton just posted an interesting question on his blog, and I felt compelled to chime in. Henry’s question: “Will [Barnes & Noble] find sustainable footing for a bright future?” I remember hearing about Barnes & Noble back when I was in high school. (I am old enough to remember the days when we […]

Temper Narcissism with Humility

Henry Winkler, on the TV show “Happy Days,” was known for a particular trademark move with the comb in front of the mirror. He would walk up to the mirror, look at his hair, then shrug his arms and don a charming grin, implying that his hair was already perfect and didn’t need to be […]

Blog Topic Conundrum: What Do I Blog About?

I just got myself unstuck this week. My blog has been limping along at the sluggish pace of one post per week for the last few months. My good friend Minling forced me to step up my game. She’s been putting up a blog post every single day since the first of the year. She […]