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Push Past the Wall

Writers often take a day off when they feel “uninspired” or out of ideas. In fact, this is often the best time to write. When you have exhausted your complement of knowledge and easy ideas, it forces you to get down into the trenches. It forces you to rely on divine inspiration for words. It […]

Embrace Criticism

Share your writing and watch how people react to it. Then, watch how you react to their reactions. A common trap of the novice writer: asking for feedback when you really just wanted praise and a pat on the back. Amateurs with fragile egos do this all the time. Then, they get offended when people […]

Learn to Generate Inspiration

Writing was never meant to be a struggle, nor was it meant to be quick and easy. It seems that beginning writers often believe exactly the opposite. Too often, one can find a writer struggling to motivate himself to write. Other writers exert their fullest creative force devising the perfect strategy or concept for a […]

Get a Real Job

If you want to produce quality writing, you cannot afford the luxury of a soul-sucking job where you dread going to work every day. You will find it nearly impossible to keep your creativity flowing while immersed in an environment filled with griping, dysfunctional people. At the same time, until you have developed as a […]