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When in Doubt, Write.

When you are confused about your life, write. When you aren’t sure what to write, write. When you are uncertain about a decision you need to make, write about that decision. Writing refines thinking. Writing forces you to see your thoughts in black and white. It forces your mind to slow down to the speed […]

Do You Really Want to Start a Business?

In 2007, I quit my job and rode triumphantly into the sunset, declaring myself victorious for having made the decision to start my own business and break free from the 9-to-5 grind. To make a long story short, I crashed and burned. It took me several years to figure out that a business owner was […]

Writing Between the Lines

Great writers know how to convey messages without words. In writing, your omissions send a powerful message, and so do your nonverbal writing signals. When you write, take a look in the mirror. See what your face looks like. When you think about your passion and how to put your message into words, notice what […]

3 Reasons Not to Serve Chicken Wings at Networking Events

I have had a “beef” about this for awhile (bad pun intended). How can so many networking event organizers and hosts fail to see the fatal flaws with serving chicken wings? Of all the possible finger foods one could include on the menu, why chicken wings? What’s next? Sloppy Joes? Here are the three biggest […]

Establishing Credibility Without a Track Record

There’s a common misconception among newbie writers. They think that, before writing a book about anything and being taken seriously, they have to first have a track record. To write a book about finances, you first need to be a millionaire. To write a book about marriage, you have to first have the perfect marriage […]

My Formula for Writing Blog Posts

If there’s one question people ask me all the time, it’s “What do I blog about?” While I can’t give a generic answer to that question, I have found a formula that makes the question easier to answer. A common mistake of blogging: waiting until you feel under pressure to write something, then publishing a […]

Writing and Beauty

Are you willing to be moved to tears by a scenic view of a mountainside? If so, you have it in you to be a great writer. If you can’t see the beauty of the world, you won’t be able to write anything beautiful. It’s been said that beauty is in the eye of the […]

Writing in the Flow

This is a hard concept to understand, but it’s an easy concept to “get.” My best writing is effortless. My worst writing is painful. There is some writing I do on unfamiliar subjects, or to unfamiliar audiences. This situation used to be difficult for me, but it’s become less difficult over time. There are moments […]

Anonymous Blogging

I think that the trend of anonymous blogging is about to get big. I’ve already spoken to several people I know who told me that they were interested in starting anonymous blogs. The obvious benefit is privacy, but there are other less-obvious benefits. Anyone who has ever participated in a 12-step recovery program has come […]