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Writing Shouldn’t Make Sense

You might have noticed that a lot of things in life don’t make sense. People do crazy things. They lie, they cheat, and they steal. They throw themselves from tall buildings. They mutilate themselves. They get addicted to drugs. People are insane. Life is insane. We live in a dirty world full of insane people. […]

Fiction-Writing and Innovation

One of my life visions is to take innovation to a new level. Since I’ve taken to writing as my vocation, I’ve come to realize that the written word possesses more power than most people realize. One obvious example of how this comes into play: inventions that started out as fiction. H.G. Wells wrote about […]

It’s Not That Obvious

A lot of the time, when I’m brainstorming ideas for things to blog about, I dismiss topics on the grounds that “everybody already knows that.” But is that necessarily true? I often wonder how many things I consider “obvious” that would be brand new to a number of people in my audience. For example, I […]

Riding the Creative Wave

Do you ever wonder how to “get inspired to write?” One possible answer: you can’t. You can only wait for the next inspirational wave. However, there is a VERY big caveat to this. This method only works if you make a religious discipline of capitalizing on every single wave of inspiration that strikes. If a […]

Daily Deals and the Myth of the Million-Dollar Idea

I’m only posting about daily deals for one reason: they underscore a number of different elements that Sun Tzu talked about in The Art of War. (No, I’m not explaining. Just read the damn book.) For those of you unfamiliar with “daily deals,” here’s the skinny. Sign up for an e-mail list, get announcements of […]

The “Law of 7’s and 9’s” is BS

Really? Come on. Why do marketers buy into this superstitious junk? If I believe a product is only worth $20, I’m not going to pay $100 for it. I’m not going to pay $97, either. If I think a product is worth $200 to me and I have $100 in hand, I’m going to buy […]