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I Apologize for the National Debt

I didn’t single-handedly create the national debt, of course. But it was people like me who were responsible for creating it. There were two periods in my life where I made a regular habit of overspending and borrowing on credit cards. I acted as if I could just continue borrowing money forever. The first time, […]

My Authentic Voice: Letting it Rip

As a writer and blogger, I’ve encountered a lot of struggles expressing my authentic voice. There have been a lot of things I’ve wanted to write, but held back for fear of the way they would sound. I recently realized that the real me is expressed in my relationships with people. Without other people, there […]

Microrant: “Coming Soon” Pages

<rant>Come on. Really? Why do we need “coming soon” pages on web sites? Why can’t people just take the pages down until they’re ready. Don’t tell me your web page is “coming soon.” Tell me when it’s done.</rant>

The “Project 555” Book

Some of you may be familiar with an experiment that I created alongside my friend Cristin, called “Project 555.” (Yes, I’m aware that there is at least one other “Project 555” out there, and no, I don’t care). I started out with the intention of finishing the book in 90 days. I had no trouble […]

New Blog Checklist

At the moment, I’m in the process of teaching myself WordPress. I found a great article with a checklist of items: I can’t vouch for every single item on the recommended list, but I would highly recommend at least reading through this posting. There’s a lot of great stuff in here.

Do You Read Blogs?

People ask me all the time about how to come up with new ideas for blogs. My first question is always, “How often do you read blogs?” Usually, the answer ranges from “irregularly” to “never.” The more you read blogs, the easier it is to come up with ideas for new posts. I always recommend […]