Dave’s Story

The Official Boring Business Stuff: I’m a marketing copywriter with an extensive background in social media, SEO and digital marketing. Need anything written? I’m your guy. Oxford commas available for an extra charge. Read more about my professional background on my LinkedIn profile. Or, read my Services page for a list of what I do.

Who I Really Am

At 6’5″, I specialize in retrieving items from high shelves. In case you’re wondering, I do not play basketball. That’s more a matter of coordination than height, and I have far less of the former than the latter. My claim to fame is my unsurpassed brilliance and sharpness of wit.

My driving passion in life is helping my fellow introverts discover their natural mojo.

Having grown up as a classic stereotypical computer nerd with few childhood friends, I had to build my own self-confidence from scratch as an adult. In 2007, I had my personal breakthrough year. I metamorphosed from a passive-aggressive weakling into a hyper-confident alpha driver. I lost 40 pounds, quit smoking and decided to become an entrepreneur. Things didn’t go quite as planned, but I found that repeated failure only strengthened my underlying sense of optimism. I came to realize I was on to something big.

I have abandoned any pretense of humility. Humility is highly overrated. Delusional overconfidence is what gets things done in this world. It gets things invented and breaks performance barriers. It quite possibly saved my life. I plan to share details about my upcoming book in the near future, where I will share my “secret sauce.” Stay tuned…