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I'm a business consultant with a background in marketing and technology. I help business owners do more of what they love by putting management systems in place to make sure everything gets done on time and correctly. Read more about my professional background on my LinkedIn profile.

Who I Am

At 6'5", I specialize in retrieving items from high shelves. In case you're wondering, I do not play basketball. That's more a matter of coordination than height, and I have far less of the former than the latter. My claim to fame is my unsurpassed brilliance and sharpness of wit.

My driving passion in life is helping my fellow introverts discover their natural mojo.

Having grown up as a classic stereotypical computer nerd with few childhood friends, I had to build my own self-confidence from scratch as an adult. In 2007, I lost 40 pounds, quit smoking and decided to become an entrepreneur. Things didn't go quite as planned, but I found that repeated failure only strengthened my underlying sense of optimism. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to learn a lot about the keys to success in business, and I enjoy helping other businesses benefit from what I have learned.

Dave Baldwin
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Raleigh, NC
E-mail: dave@baldwinmanagementconsultants.com Phone: (919) 723-7916